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    In 1986, we started The Preservation of the American Pioneer Crafts Series. Our goals are to promote an appreciation of our American heritage and educate through an entertaining format how to recreate either the products or the lifestyle from the 18th century.

    The company was intended to be self-sustaining and self-perpetuating in that profits would serve to produce new videos. Additionally, we contribute to supporting featured artisans through direct commissions from sales.

    Your purchase directly contributes to preserving certain positive aspects of our heritage, and helps the livelihood of some very talented individuals. In addition, you get a neat how-to video or DVD so you too can learn these skills! We sincerely appreciate our customers. You have become partners in our endeavor to educate and entertain viewers about colonial era crafts.


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Current offerings from American Pioneer Video


Pioneering: The Long Hunter Series
    Features Mark A. Baker in four volumes on recreating the 18th century lifestyle of the colonial American Kentucky pioneer. A music video is also available.  A fifth volume with Mark is in production.  See Gallery page 2 and gallery page 3 .

Building Kentucky Rifles
    How to custom build authentic and traditional heirloom quality rifles with talented artisans Hershel House, Wallace Gusler, Frank House, Mike Miller, and Ron Ehlert. Also, we offer two videos featuring the work of contemporary Kentucky rifle makers.  Our newest project features Mark Silver in Traditional Gunstocking.  We also have Jon Laubach forging a Kentucky Rifle barrel, and Steve Bookout on rifling a gun barrel.

    Three volumes featuring Hershel House demonstrating how to forge many useful and practical items from simple to very challenging.  Also, William White on Knifemaking, and Jon Laubach (also listed under Building Kentucky Rifles) forging a rifle barrel.

Related Pioneer Crafts
    Making powder horns; casting brass; braintanning leather.